Synthetic AI

Synthetic AI is a set of tools for generating synthetic data used in training artificial intelligence.

Our service is designed with the requirements of modern machine learning methods in mind. Nowadays, there is an urgent need for extensive and diverse data sets to achieve high AI training results.

Machine learning specialists often face limitations on access to real data due to confidentiality issues, unavailability, or limited volume. In this context, synthetic data becomes a vitally important resource for training models and algorithms.

Our service provides machine learning specialists with tools for creating synthetic data tailored to their needs.

We offer a wide range of data generation methods that allow creating data sets of various types and formats, such as images, videos, text, audio and tabular data.

In this document you will find a detailed description of the functionality, API and examples of the service usage. Our goal is to provide machine learning specialists with the necessary tools for effective use of synthetic data in their projects.

Welcome to the world of new possibilities in the field of data generation for machine learning.

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